Filesutra - Easy Imports from cloud storage

Filesutra is an opensource tool to quickly implement the file import from popular cloud storage providers. Filesutra currently supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox...Continue reading

Save Gmail attachments to Salesforce Documents -

I have created an app, where you can list your emails from Gmail and save attachments to Salesforce documents in one click. The app connects with Gmail and Salesforce using OAuth 2.0. It uses the Gmail Rest API to fetch emails and attachments and salesforce API to save attachments as salesforce documents. ...Continue reading

Salesforce app to import and upload files to all popular cloud storage

I have created a new app named CloudFiles, that lets you to add files to any salesforce object from all popular cloud storage like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Amazon. You can also upload files to any of the...Continue reading

Show private documents to your users from google drive without sharing them

In this post I will write how we can use google api to show content on our page from google drive, without actually changing the sharing settings for the document. We will use owner's oAuth access to proxy the content through our server.

Implementation: I am using google drive ...Continue reading

Selenium Web Driver to test websites

In this post I will write how to use selenium web driver to test the websites.Selenium  web driver allows us to drive the browser from the code supporting many languages like java , python etc.While it takes a little setup for chrome and ie,it works with firefox without any setup.I am using java to dr...Continue reading

salesforce lead conversion

This application allows user to search leads based on a keyword and giving fields to search in. User can then go to details page of returned leads, can select multiple leads and then can convert selected leads by providing an account name.  The Outcome will be an account, a contact for each lead and a...Continue reading

Salesforce Mashup with google maps

This app helps user to plot  sales on the google map.The sales to be plotted can be filtered based on various criteria like location,size,type,date etc.Clicking on a sale on the map redirects to the corresponding account.

you can install the unmanaged apex package from  here :
...Continue reading

Country database android app

we created this app for bitsmun . The app has database for many countries which includes various country details like area,population,military,politics,constitution taken from Cia-World factbook...Continue reading

Dynamic SQL query when number of fields in where clause in not known

suppose we have a front end where user can select different filters to narrow down the query results.In this case it is not already known which all fields user will select.
A dynamic query for this case can be constructed using this trick:

here fieldNames is the array containing names of all f...Continue reading Eclipse plugin installation problem

Installation fails with error 'Md5 hash not as expected'
original error message :

An error occurred while collecting items to be installed session context was:(profile=SDKProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=). Problem...Continue reading

8 Puzzle,cool android game

Here is a very basic puzzle created by me for android devices.Feel free to download and install..

Download apk(android executable)...Continue reading

Recover windows 7 after removing linux from a Dual boot system

If you install linux on a hard disk partition after windows,it changes MBR(Master boot record), and then if you remove the linux ,it will result in a non bootable windows.
To fix this just follow this steps and enjoy a clean windows booting.
  insert windows installation DVD and boot fr...Continue reading

creating network applications in vb6(using winsock control)

In this post I will show you how to create network apps in vb6,which will help you make chat programs and trojan like apps.

To interact with other computers vb provides a control called winsock.To add it to your vb toolbox press 'CTRL+T' and check the box before 'Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0(SP...Continue reading