Filesutra is an opensource tool to quickly implement the file imports and uploads to popular cloud storage providers. Filesutra currently supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox.

To use filesutra, add following script to your html page -

<script src=""></script>
Then add following code to click handler of import button -
          $("#importBtn").click(function() {
            filesutra.importFiles(function(files) {
              // File import response is available in 'files' variable
              /** sample response
                "fileName": "sample.pdf",
                "downloadUrl": "",
                "size": 12345
To request files from people and have them automatically upload to your preconfigured folder in cloud storage, please add following code to click handler of file request button -
          $("#requestFilesBtn").click(function() {
            filesutra.createFileRequest(function(fileRequest) {
              /** sample response
                "name": "sample", // Name of the folder
                "url": "",
Above example assumes that jquery is already inclued in the page. Please checkout the demo by clicking the 'Import Files' button in the right.
Filesutra is an opensource project. Code is available on Github